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Hello! My name is Natasha, but my frenemies call me Nat...

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I am a pansexual, neurodivergent actor, writer, creator, and speaker based in Toronto, Canada who lives to tell stories and connect with people through a wide variety of artistic mediums. Some folks (it's me... I am some folks) describe what I do as "comedy-adjacent" but most people use words like "inspirational" and "relatable" when talking about my work. I also host, sing, produce, improvise, sculpt, paint, moderate, advocate, and facilitate... among other activities that end in "ate."

As a person of mixed immigrant, settler, and Indigenous ancestry who benefits from white privilege, I acknowledge the original caretakers of so-called "Canada" and that Toronto is the stolen territory of many First Nations including the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee, the Mississaugas, and the Wendat peoples. There is no reconciliation without truth.


Here is a bio that makes me sound way cooler than I am...

Because nothing says "cool" like writing about yourself in the third person!

Natasha (she/they) is a modern day renaissance woman, best known for having played the titular role in the hit series and feature film Carmilla which lead her to winning the Fan’s Choice Award at the 2017 Canadian Screen Awards with over two million international votes.

Since gaining notoriety for her portrayal of the “broody lesbian vampire” she has had a number of roles on TV shows and in movies such as, Murdoch Mysteries and Freelancers Anonymous, and has grown a dedicated global fan base on social media, where she is admired for writing candid posts about mental health, intersectional feminism, sexual wellness, and positive 2SLGBTQ+ representation, as well as fundraising for non-profits.

In addition to acting and her social influence, Natasha has a background as a classically trained soprano, having studied Voice Performance at McGill University, and experience as a host, interviewer, and presenter as the former face of the YouTube channel "KindaTV". In 2017, Natasha co-wrote and co-produced the digital comedy CLAIREvoyant, with Executive Producer Shaftesbury Digital, which won a 2018 NYC Web Fest Award. She has also performed in improv, sketch, musical, and cabaret shows around North America, has sat on the jury for the 2SLGBTQ+ film festival InsideOut, and has moderated panels at Whistler Film Festival.


As a youth role model, she has spoken for Kids Mental Health Ontario, volunteered at CAMH, and has participated in panels about web series creation and marketing to millennials at MIP TV in Cannes and at YouTube Space Los Angeles. When she is not wearing many hats (both figuratively and literally) she enjoys snuggles with her adopted rescue dog, doing tarot readings, and can usually be found rummaging in thrift stores with an overpriced coffee in hand.


And this is some of the outside praise I have received...

They say external validation is part of a balanced breakfast!

"There is an instant likeability to 


- TV EH?

"A charming performance from Negovanlis."


"Negovanlis stole

the show."

"Excellent as




Nominated “Best Ensemble Performance” Band Ladies - 2020 British Web Awards

Won "Best Ensemble Cast" Band Ladies - First Glance Film Festival Philadelphia 

Won "Best Dynamic Duo" CLAIREvoyant - 2018 NYC Web Fest

Nominated "Best Web Series" CLAIREvoyant - 2018 NYC Web Fest

Won "Best Ensemble Performance" Haunters - 2018 Toronto Web Fest Awards

Nominated "Social Media Influencer" - 2018 Diva Awards

Nominated "Online Influencer" - 2018 British LGBT Awards

Won "Audience Choice" - 2017 Canadian Screen Awards

Nominated "Best Acting in a Drama" Carmilla - 2017 Streamy Awards

Nominated "Best Ensemble Cast" Haunted or Hoax - 2016 LA Web Fest

Third Place  “Audience Choice" - 2016 Canadian Screen Awards

Nominated "Best Ensemble Cast" - 2016 NYC Web Fest

Won "Audience Choice" Haunted or Hoax - 2016 NYC Web Fest

Nominated "Best Actress, Drama" Carmilla - 2015 Streamy Awards 

Nominated "Favourite Actress" - 2015 Shorty Awards 

Fifth Place “2015's Hot 100 List of Sexiest Women” -

Nominated "Best Performance in a Featured Role" - 2012 Broadway World Awards


Here are clips of me playing pretend for money...
Commercial Voice Acting DemoNatasha Negovanlis
00:00 / 00:43

Listen to me ramble on about issues that matter...


With experience on both sides of the lens and stage, I am also an experienced interviewer and facilitator, available to moderate panels or give keynote speeches at universities, marketing and media conferences, fan and comic conventions, and other events.

Topics include: 

  • Women in Film & Television

  • 2SLGBTQ Representation on Screen

  • Dismantling Patriarchal Beauty Standards

  • Finding Your Creative Voice

  • Mental Health Advocacy & Awareness 

  • Bisexual Myths & Visibility 

  • How To Ensure Inclusive Productions

  • Vampire Tropes & The Queerness of Sci-Fi & Fantasy

  • Incorporating Allyship Into Social Media Influencing 

  • Web Series Creation: From Ideas To Funding & Producing

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Tovah Small

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Noelle Jenkinson

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Toni Domenech

UTA United Talent Agency

+1 424-258-2508 ext.2508



Rob Firing

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